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24 January 2025 @ 23:32

Hi, im Connor
Nice to meet you


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i should really post here more often
25 March 2009 @ 01:40
im posting tonight
because i cant get to sleep
'cos i just have thoughts going round my head

so, played Call of Duty 4 a lot tonight
cos im a sad bastard
but i prefer it to any other game out there
blowing somebodies head against the wall from across the map feels good man

yeah, if you didnt know
i do ICT and web design at college
so, if you need any web design or graphic desing doing
then just drop me a comment or message or whatever LJ has now-a-days

i thought i would have more to say to be honest
but shit happens dont it

gunna try get some sleep nao
06 October 2008 @ 11:17
so, on saturday
i went to Manchester
to see The Blackout with We Are The Ocean, FFTL and Medic Droid supporting
and tbh
it was fucking awesome

crowdsurfed with Tom and Charlie
Hollie landed ontop of me whilst crowd surfing XD
started a pit with Charly
but afterwards, i was in so much pain >_<
and on sunday, i worked for 8 hours

i started my new job on saturday before The Blackout
and i think im gunna quit already
might go in this weekend coming up
cos its good pay
but then leave :]

anyways, im going to Foals on wednesday
so i might skip last period on wednesday at college
and go into Manchester alittle earlier
if your in Manchester on wednesday
or are going to Foals

tell me :]
26 September 2008 @ 21:53
been live forever since i last made a post
8 weeks to be precise

so, i started College afew weeks ago
im at blackburn college
taking ICT with web design
cos im not clever enough to get into st marys

i might make some more posts soon
when i can be bothered

comment me or soemthing on this post
telling me what you all have been up to since i have been away from LJ
27 July 2008 @ 13:17
In like a week
i go on holiday to Turkey with my family, a family down the Road and Charlie

i probably wont post anything until im back
but im gunna make a video of everything :)

il post it when im back
15 July 2008 @ 15:52
its been agesssssssssssss since iv posted

iv been on holiday so i havnt had chance to
and when i was on holiday in spain
there was a lightening storm at the house
and destoryed pretty much all the electrical stuff
we only get the internet back the other night
TV and phone came today

On the 4th of august
i go to Turkey with a family down the road
then afew days later, charlie is coming to the same place
so we are guna partyyyyyyyyy
21 June 2008 @ 16:40
20 June 2008 @ 17:55
i went to manchester the other day
got a nice fitted shirt
a white tie
and a cap
all for prom ;]


im sat in my room
with brownless
rachel<3 and jess
jess and rachel are doing their hair at the same time!!!!!!!! O_o
me and tom are listening to Hard-Fi waiting for our pizzas to arrive

its my sisters birthday party tonight
shes 18
we are gunna get fucked
and im not gunna turn up to work tomorrow
but work X2 as hard and long on sunday

il upload pics from the night tomorrow or something
12 June 2008 @ 20:50
lots of stuff going down lately

20th is my last GCSE exam
and my sisters 18th
so me and some friends are getting wasted

24th is my prom
and im going with the best people ever
in a pink cadillac
might get drunk there

on the 27th i think im going to Spain
with Jamey
for 2 weeks

then on the 11th
i might be going to sheffield
and watching We are the ocean

then i have afew weeks to chill

then im going to Turkey
with Sam down the road
for 2 weeks

to much to do
and i have 28pence to do it all on
08 June 2008 @ 09:32
i was planning on posting something nice last night
but my sister took my camera, without telling me
so i had no nice pictures to post

i have work soon =/
only for a few hours so im safe

but anyways, i did have a really good think
of what i wanted to post, but i forgot what it was

but anyways, yesterday was WELL good
y'know one of those days, when everything just goes right
and everything is funny
it was one of them days

we went and had a barbeque down by the river
that was nice, but the smoke killed us
and we burnt the grass where the bbq's had been :D:D
then i sat and ate rich tea biscuits whilst watching the sun set :))
then me and tom went fishing, we didnt have a fishing rod
but we had some long sticks which were just as inefective. we found some tadpoles and i might have killed one. But dont worry, those little guys are fast

i spent most of my time with Rachel <3
it was well good
some like 30yr old guy
started shouting inapropriate stuff at us
as rachel said, it was obvz aimed at me...

anyways, i have work now